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Calvin & Where I Started with Comics

I think there are many paths one can take to start exploring the world of cartoons. But what is common to all, is the young age where one starts. Which is why plenty enough people confuse them with something that’s only ment for kids. Of course, there are plenty of people who have gone past this hard headed notion. But one issue that has an influence on people and their later lives with comics is without a doubt their childhood. That memorable and important time, where parents misunderstand you and comics walk the path with you. Making even going to the dentist fun and exciting, just to get a good opportunity to catch on the latest Donal Duck cartoons for example. It could be said, that the type of comics even kids choose tell something about their personality at an early age. On one aspect it helps to even shape their personalities, on the other side of things, there are always reasons why some children prefer other comics. Some decitions which even come from their parents. Personally, for me one of the biggest influences with comics was Calvin & Hobbes. I was just recently trying to find a good documentary about the topic, but unfortunately could not find one. With too much information about the fans and what they thought. I am more interested in the story, because the personal story of a fan is very personal and while you can relate, it’s different for everyone. But that was the starting point for me, when I understood that there is something deaper and meaningful about cartoons than Donald Duck. Even though, even there you can find deeper philosophical meaning about it. Nevertheless, it’s really an issue that needs to be settled with some common sense. I would say, that at the end of the day it’s all about those emotions that you can always look back and connect with. They are not only the starting point, but company to walk with you throughout life. Let’s read something meaningful and promote those comics that make you think and not just rot your brain guys. At least, that is the kind of awareness I hope to bring about into the industry that I love so much. Thanks my friends!
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