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Profound Expression Through Comics

I have been interested in comics as a phenomen far more interesting than TV for example. The concept is much more simple and touches you in a way that a more complicated, fast paced medium could ever do. It is a simple fact, that when things that we reflect upon are simplistic it’s much easier to related to them. As a kid, you don’t really think about it and just enjoy the thrill and ride that comic books give you.

As an adult, you kind of have to look deeper into the concept of comics and find out the rich world in a more aware manner. Otherwise you are just another comic book looser who never grew up and still phantasizes about being Super Man or whatever-X. Let’s face it, there are those “non-grown ups” that are just there at the same level of a child. With nothing wrong at the medium of course, it’s just a time to grow up a little in my opinion and bring better awareness to something that’s authentic and helps people to express profound thought.

At best, that is what comics produce. A deep connection between the author, writer and the reader. You could explain the most advanced mathematical formula through such drawings, and there would be nothing wrong with it because you know that it will be extremely helpful for those people who engage in it. What you consider to be your best novel for example, imagine that in comics form. Wouldn’t that be great and besides giving that needed depth in reading, there is a sense of lightness and fun that makes the experience even better.

It has been said several times, that if you cant explain what you understood to a child, then you don’t understand it yourself either. Producing information in comic form is a great way to prove that, with the added bonus of deep understanding. Great stuff as always!

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