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Collecting Comic Books

The world of comic book collecting is surely an interesting one, and it seems to have no end in sight in terms of growth. While it’s not the most trendy of hobbies on this world, surely there are many activities that have served as huge promotion for it. For many it all starts from an innocent purchase from the local book shop, until one discovers the depths of a used book store. These places can become very addictive as one discovers the abundance of old comics that are just waiting for their wealthy owners to pick them up, take them home and yes, shelf them. While it may seem strange for some, just wait until you hear how the first edition of marvel comics sold for $350,000, which is still not even the tip of the iceberg. So obviously there have been many for do it not just for shelfing, but for the purpose of profit. Buying and selling comics for economic purposes is totally common, and one can even get rich from it. But where it all started, was the superhero scene without a doubt. Characters such as superman, batman and captain marvel have been as famous as the presidents of the united states, so no wonder they became great targets of the American dominated comic industry. But Manga did take the longest straw in the end perhaps, with more comic books coming out than anywhere else in the world. One secret to the success of comics and their collecting, is the adult fan crowd. Which can be said to be the majority, just as in the game industry which has changed a lot not only in content but the consumers themselves. Probably the biggest event in the world that keeps on growing it’s tradition and fan base, is the Comic-Con International where people from all over the world, and all walks of life get together over one great passion. Held in San Diego, I have been active there for quite a few years, althought in the latter part of my career as a comic book collector did see a definite decline in participation. But anyone who is really interested, for just the collecting or even for business it is an event that has to be visited to really understand the massive scale, it’s possiblities and capabilities of the scene. Get collecting and have fun!
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