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Where to Chat with Fellow Comic Collectors?

I know a lot of you loved the forums and built your homes there.. now that it’s gone, and even the backups are no longer there. It’s really not the right time to cry about it, instead we should look towards the bright future. A lot of comic collectors are known for loving to chat with others and other such social happenings. I guess you could say that we are a bunch of social creatures, besides comics that’s really what is most important to us. That is why I wanted people who are still active on the “chatting” front to leave a comment and let us know of places where people could go and get there discussion needs fulfilled. While I will be continuing with the blog and provoking debate on occation, obviously these kinds of forums and such are still badly needed. I just kind of dropped out of the game after some years and have to admit to not having any idea where comic lovers are today! So don’t hide, but instead point us to the right direction. I might even consider registering myself to one of these places if a good one exists. But I wont be as engaged as before, there is just no way in my busy “adult” life. Leave a comment, thanks guys!
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